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MAison Thévenin paris

The legacy of the Thevenin family

The history of Maison Thevenin is above all that of a family, whose grandparents, Bernard and Jeanine, wrote the first lines in the early 60s, when they opened their first bakery in the Faubourg Saint Nicolas in Meaux.
Success came their way and they found themselves at the head of several bakeries and patisseries in Meaux - the family story was launched.

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At the end of the field

From the fields to your plate: freshness and local flavours

Au Bout Du Champ: local, seasonal fruit and vegetables, harvested in the morning by our producers and then distributed during the day by bicycle to the hotel. There's only one step from the field to your plate...

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The artisan cheese maker: Beillevaire

Committed to taste and tradition, the company stands out for the quality of its products and the diversity of its selection of farmhouse and artisan cheeses.

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The adventure of fresh juices, a brotherly story

After returning from a trip to Florida in the mid-1980s, Roger and David BEHAR were seduced by the fresh juices they had tasted during their trip, and came up with the idea of developing a delicious range of fresh citrus juices for hotels and restaurants, without any processing, additives or preservatives.

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george cannon

Georges Cannon House

A tea house since 1897, the George Cannon brand is now a benchmark in the world of luxury foods. Their expertise, exceptional noses and rigorous selection methods delight connoisseurs and connoisseurs alike.
Teas from great origins, flavoured blends or infusions... there's something for everyone.

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Maison Perotte

The art of jam

There's only one step from fruit to jam... or only one chef: Stephan Perotte. Best jam maker in France in 2014, and world champion in 2015, for this chef, everything comes down to the selection of his fruit. He uses traditional know-how and the science of cooking to create jams that will delight your palate...

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