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French materials

At the Hôtel de Fleurie, we favour the use of high-quality French materials. For example, all our upholstery fabrics are selected from renowned houses such as Thevenon 1908, which reflects French elegance and expertise. Find out more about Thevenon 1908.

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local partners

Our hotel is committed to supporting local producers. All our products, from fruit and vegetables to cheeses, fresh juices, teas and jams, come from carefully selected regional partners, ensuring freshness, quality and authenticity in every bite.

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sorting bin

At the Hôtel de Fleurie, we do our bit for the environment. Our selective sorting bins make it easy for our guests to be eco-responsible during their stay.

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Our collaboration with Aquachiara enables us to offer our customers an innovative and environmentally-friendly drinking water solution. Find out more about their products and their commitment on their website: AQUACHIARA


The region's producers and artisans serve your taste buds.